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Since 1987 ATEC Industries has been continuously involved in the design, fabrication, construction and testing of Radio Frequency (RF) shielded facilities. ATEC specializes in Electromagnetic/Radio Frequency Interference shielding (EMI/RFI) for governmental, military and medical facilities, both as stand-alone projects and as part of larger integrated construction projects.

ATEC’s extensive list of successfully completed projects includes millions of square feet of RF shielding in the United States and overseas. These projects have included:

  • One-inch thick welded steel plate
  • Copper soldered shields
  • TEMPEST facilities
  • Combination SCIF/RF facilities
  • RF modular enclosures
  • Welded aluminum enclosures
  • Metal foils
  • RF fabrics

ATEC has successfully completed every project to date without exception. RF attenuation requirements have varied in the magnetic and electric (H&E) fields from 50db at 1KHz to 100db at 100KHz to 100db at 50 MHz and microwave performance of 115db at 18 GHz to 80 db at 50GHz.

Our engineering and project management teams enjoy decades of experience, not only in the intricacies of RF shielding, but also in the integration of the shielding into the parent facility and the coordination of the trades that are critical to this type of project. ATEC’s early involvement in the design and construction process helps us to ensure that the most appropriate RF engineering solutions are applied to your project. ATEC’s project management and field supervisory personnel will eliminate costly mistakes and the schedule delays that inherently follow.

Whatever your RF shielding requirement, ATEC has the expertise and commitment to provide you with a facility that will meet your needs today and for years to come.

Recently completed projects include:

Ground Based Midcourse Ballistic Missile Defense System (GMD)
Ft. Greely, Alaska

Six HEMP shielded facilities, including two at a remote island in the Bering Sea. The total square footage was in excess of 85,000 SF and included 24 HEMP doors, 89 RF electrical filter cabinet assemblies with MOVs, multiple waveguide penetrations, Pulse Current Injection Testing, RF Attenuation and SELDS testing. Completed 2004.

Advanced System Integration Laboratory
Naval Air Warfare Center
Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland

Design/build with local General Contractor to construct an RF shielded aircraft hangar with Radar Absorbing Material (RAM). Interior self-supporting RF shield was 195’x180’x90’H and included a rolling RF Shielded Anechoic Door, 165’x75’H, which weighed over 400.000 lbs and was sealed by a series of pneumatic bladders with beryllium copper mating surfaces. The entire RF facility was certified for RF attenuation in excess of 100 db to 18 GHz. Completed 1999.

Communications Center
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Wahiawa, Hawaii

Installation of over 75,000 SF of #430 stainless steel HEMP shielding that enveloped two communications buildings. The completed facility is certified in accordance with Mil Std 188-125-1. Components included four interlocked vestibules with 12 semi-automatic RF shielded doors, over 400 SF of waveguide array tube assemblies, and 13 inductive element HEMP filter cabinets with MOVs. Completed 2000.

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